About Us

KNEGAM is a not for profit and nongovernmental organization which uses innovative simulations and support to both inspire and prepare boys earlier in life to become smart and dependable. In the past decades in Africa organizations and individuals has invested so much in empowering girls about rights, social responsibility, and good conduct, whilst the boys have been left behind completely.
The conduct of our boys reveals an overwhelming deficit in social modesty and lack of respect for girls, human rights and ignorance of crime.

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Meet Our Founder

Karniel is a 10 year old pupil of The River Bank School Victoria Island Lagos. How it started: he has a sister and mum who are both social entrepreneurs; he just couldn't sit back and do nothing when he keeps hearing at home about what men in Africa mete out to women and girls in the name of culture and socialization.

After seeing and hearing of women who are maltreated by men, he decided to inspire change among African boys.

He believes that it is vital to socialize and involve boys from early age and therefore desires to use lifecycle and educational based strategies to help boys formulate positive attitudes and behaviours, thus avoiding the need to invest in the difficult task of changing fixed behaviours later in life.

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