Who We Are


K- NEGAM is a not for profit and nongovernmental organization which uses innovative simulations and support to both inspire and prepare boys earlier in life to become smart and dependable.

In the past decades in Africa organizations and individuals has invested so much in empowering girls about rights, social responsibility, and good conduct, whilst the boys have been left behind completely.

The conduct of our boys reveals an overwhelming deficit in social modesty and lack of respect for girls, human rights and ignorance of crime.

So through direct service and advocacy K-NEGAM will use Media literacy, economic literacy, education, adolescent health, violence prevention and sports participation to reach boys between the ages of 8 – 12 to empower them and promote kindness, bravery, confidence, character, leadership, entrepreneurship, and active African citizenship.


Our Mission

K-NEGAM builds boys of valour, poise, and character, who will serve Africa.


Our  Objectives   

  • To empower boys so they overcome challenges in transition from boyhood to adulthood.
  • To provide a safe, fun and supportive environment which boys need to step out of their comfort zones and find their own voices.

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